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Independently tested 9/10

Customer Review rating 4.3/5

SpiderEx can

About SpiderEx

SpiderEx is a spider repellent spray and works to remove spiders and reduce spider infestations.

You won't need a spider catcher as SpiderEx has been specially formulated to help remove spiders and reduce nesting in almost any area it's sprayed.

SpiderEx is an effective spider spray deterrent that can be used in your home, caravan, garden shed and many other areas.

Its clear odourless coating stops spiders and other creepy crawly insects.

You can also spray on your CCTV camera housing to stop spiders from nesting which is the main cause of false alarms. The security industry even uses SpiderEx in the Euro Tunnel!

Features & Benefits


Formulated to help remove spiders & reduce nesting in almost any area it is sprayed. Also effective on flying and crawling insects.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Can be used in houses, garages, caravans, boats and businesses as well as many other places.

Easy to Use

Easy to use and highly effective. Simply spray an area to protect it.

Reduce False Alarms

If you have CCTV cameras you can dramatically reduce false alarms by spraying SpiderEx around the camera housing (see instructions below).

Clear & Odourless Coating

The spider spray doesn't leave a sticky residue and it's clear odourless coating stops spiders and other creepy crawly insects.

Want to try SpiderEx in action before you buy?

Disclaimer. Spiders will start crawling on your screen, but don't worry these are not real spiders.
Move your cursor around to spray them away. Have fun!

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SpiderEx Spider Spray 300ml

Customer Review rating 4.3/5

Independently tested 9/10


Client Reviews on Amazon

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SpiderEx Spider Spray is an aerosol spray specially formulated to help remove spiders & reduce nesting in almost any area it is sprayed. Read More

SpiderEx can

How to apply on CCTV Cameras

Step 1

For safety reasons please read the tin before use. Make sure you use gloves and wash your hands after using SpiderEx.

Step 2

Use a rag, cloth or tissue to mask off the optical surface.

Step 3

Mask the optical surfaces and spray all around the camera housing.

Step 4

If required also spray SpiderEx around the top, sides and bottom of the camera housing.

Step 5

SpiderEx will deter spiders from all security equipment as well as other areas such as houses, boats, sheds, garages and caravans for up to 8 months.

See our customer feedback
Short and sweet. This stuff WORKS. Have just ordered this autumn's batch to treat the house in preparation for September, knowing that we will be monster free throughout. Brilliant. Will continue to buy every year. Thanks for making my home comfortable to live in. — Vicky Edge
This is a fantastic product. I use it year after year in my conservatory in the summer! — Amazon Review June 2020
I spray this around my door and windows every so often to keep spiders away and I have not had a single spider come in my room. — Madison
SpiderEx works - worth every penny! I use it on my motorbike which is kept in the garden overnight, and by morning it used to house loads of garden spiders, especially in the summer. Spray on SpiderEx, watch them scurry and for the next few weeks the bike is spider free! We also use it around external door frames and windows and our letter box to help prevent entrance into the house by the 8 legged beasts. Brilliant product! — Brendan Buck
I've been buying it for a years' now and recommended it to my mum for her porch. Unless there's really heavy rain, it keeps the webs away which hopefully means spiders will go with it. Best repellent I've found on the market and I've tried pretty much ALL! Believe me. — Amazon Reivew May 2020
I am a caravan owner and have tried several spider deterrents but SpiderEx is brilliant and yes, it does work up to 8 months. I have spread the word with lots of caravan owners. In fact, I have had to order SpiderEx for them. — David Dower

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpiderEx?

SpiderEx is an aerosol spray that has been specially developed to remove spiders from any area it is applied. Also effective on ants, cockroaches, beetles, centipedes, dog ticks, fleas, flies, silverfish and wasps.

Common Uses

Originally developed for the CCTV and Security Industry, SpiderEx can stop spiders from nesting inside CCTV camera housing and alarm sensors. Today homeowners spray it around the home, especially door and window frames to create a barrier and prevent spiders entering the home. Also in sheds, garages and even on car wing mirrors to prevent webs!

Does it mark?

SpiderEx does not leave a sticky or coloured film or mark. It leaves a clear formula that is hard to see.

Is it safe?

SpiderEx has a full professional and domestic license granted by the HSE number 8682.

SpiderEx Safety Data Sheet

Does it kill spiders?

SpiderEx has been developed to repel spiders and prevent them from nesting where it's sprayed. The purpose is not to kill spiders but like any repellent if you spray directly onto a spider, it is likely to kill it but this is not the intention of SpiderEx.

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