What is SpiderEx?

SpiderEx is an aerosol spray that has been specially developed to remove spiders from any area it is applied.

Also effective on ants, cockroaches, beetles, centipedes, dog ticks, fleas, flies, silverfish and wasps.

Common uses

Originally developed for the CCTV and Security Industry SpiderEx can stop spiders from nesting around CCTV cameras, camera housings and alarm sensors.

Indoor or outdoor domestic and business use.

Does it mark?

SpiderEx does not leave a sticky or coloured film or mark. It leaves a clear formula that is hard to see.

Is it safe?

SpiderEx has a full professional and domestic license granted by the HSE number 8682.

SpiderEx Safety Data Sheet

SpiderEx Spider Spray 300ml

SpiderEx is the first choice of many who need to remove Spiders from a specific area. Various industries are using SpiderEx such as security installation companies all the way through to Euro Tunnel and many more.

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Short and sweet. This stuff WORKS. Have just ordered this autumn’s batch to treat the house in preparation for September, knowing that we will be monster free throughout. Brilliant. Will continue to buy every year. Thanks for making my home comfortable to live in.

I used Spiderex at home a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of September (Spider month). I am one of these people that has a phobia- I cannot help it. Evryone kept telling me I had to learn to live with spiders but I can honestly say, at a time of year when you normally see a big spider every other day, I have not seen one at home. I have sprayed windows, doors, and all corners, crevices etc. I hope it lasts! I have told everyone how good this product is, as I have seen it for myself. Thank you!

We have been trialling SpiderEx for about six months in UK and France and have found it to be highly effective in reducing the amount of false alarms on our motion detection cameras.

Having been plagued for years with spiders triggering our alarms, usually at 3 or 4am, I decided to give Spiderex a try and for over a year now we have not had a single problem. I heartily recommend the stuff -it does what it says on the tin!

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